Thursday, July 31, 2008



Two days ago, I inked up the Vandy for the first time. And as I was deciding what to set in type, it came to me. She was decorated by one of her previous owners with this sticker, and since all of her "issues" have been due to lack of lubrication, it seemed that a fortuitous name was needed.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

tools of the trade + the best sound

Some folks have a favorite pair of jeans. I have a favorite composing stick (8", sets 40+ picas), line gauge, and bone folder. But the tools that made my afternoon are pictured above: 3-in-1 oil, the big maglite, tiny bottle brush, lint-free rags, simple green, wd-40, and more 3-in-1 oil. After much advice from the awesome minds on vanderblog and a quick email from Perry Tymeson, I spent the better part of this afternoon and evening oiling the heck out of my Vandercook. And it works! Oh, thank you thank you thank you!

And now, for the best sound ever:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

even better

Even better than having the presses of my dreams, plus a light-filled, sunny-gold studio?
Having one of those presses in (very nearly) perfect working order. And brand new rollers. And the blackest black ink ever.

Now if only the Vandercook would be so obliging....

Monday, July 14, 2008

mondays + back in business

It's been a long few weeks, moving my not-so-little print shop out of the second floor apartment, across town, and into the new studio. This past weekend was the culmination--bringing up the Vandercook (+ more!) from Chicopee to Montpelier. Here are a few in-progress photos:
room without paint!
painted, but still moving in, last thursday

John B. with the full moving truck, early Saturday morning
Vandy on the lift gate...only two feet from the door!

And here is everything in place (mostly!):

new paper cutter, 8x12 C&P, and type cabinets along the far wall
my new little Vandy!

It's staggering, the amount of *stuff* I added to my printshop in one weekend. Doubled? Tripled? I have to say, running my own business is starting to feel *real*!