Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a day in the life

On Wednesdays, my day starts at 8am. That may not be early for some of you, but I am most definitely not a morning person. At least until I've had a cup of coffee.
Which means that after I open the studio doors at 8, I sit on my bum and read, or listen to VPR, for an hour or so until the caffeine has kicked in. Today was no exception.

At 9, I put more of that plummy purple ink on the big C&P, and printed the details on the back of save-the-dates for Emily and John.

Then a short break--run home to check email--and back to work.
Sara Grace gave me a stack of posters two weeks ago, and I've been working on them slowly. Since she only needs ten or so for each date--and there were four dates, at four different venues, to be printed in four different colors--I've been doing one set every few days. Today was the last round!
(around the Vandercook's cylinder)
(all finished!)

And then clean up the second press, and run home for a very, very late lunch.
Yay for overprints!

Then Em & John, and Sara Grace stopped by to pick up their goodies, and I...
...get back to work. It's 7:30, and I'm finishing the first side of cards for The Lamb Abbey.

I'm feeling really accomplished's rare that I get a full day in the studio, so it's pretty amazing to see what one person can accomplish. It was also lovely to have visitors (Brian's wife Linda with Baby E., and Ben & Ben & Gordon, and Sara & Lindsay, and Emily & John), and to geek out to two pretty good books on tape--which are a total staple around Fort Can.

Friday, February 13, 2009


It's taken two years and five months, but I've finally made it too 100 posts. And to celebrate--a little video.

That's me, today, working in the studio all by my lonesome, listening to Le Tigre really loudly and printing cards for my friend (& rockstar) Anais Mitchell. You'll get a blurry peek at the cards at the end...if you make it all the way through!

And just because:
Thanks for the photos, Mom! That's me in the middle...four years old, with my two sisters, in 1981.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in the meantime...

...I've been so busy lately, I don't even know where to start!  And I don't have photos of the big projects, but here's the fun stuff I manage to slip in:
Fun valentine-themed party invites for my friend Esme and her new venture, Venus Tattoos.
More talented friends!  Band posters for the incredible Sara Grace & the Suits.  Photo by Heather Gray, design & letterpress by me!
And today I'm working on save-the-dates for John & Emily--former housemates, now engaged.  Emily designed the save-the-date after this logo because they're getting married on--you guessed it!--7/11.