Monday, April 30, 2007

Gosh, paper is pretty. And the rest of my studio is not.

Isn't this lovely? A stack of 4bar cards, waiting for round two with the press--and hoping to be chosen as the best of the best. For sending to the happy couple, that is.

Friends of friends Linda and Brian are getting married this summer, and chose *moi* to do their invites. They turned out to be quite luxurious, in my opinion. Ink in papaya and chocolate, a lush image, and toothy cream-colored paper for the invite and rsvp. It's taken me a bit of time to pick the one that I get to keep for my portfolio!Here's the finished product, with a bit of editing for the public. I'm so excited about these!

What I'm not excited about is the state of my worktable. It's been a catch-all for all kinds of junk--err, supplies--while I've been gallivanting around New England teaching workshops. And of course flickr is being extremely slow tonight, so I can't leave notes on the photo. But here it is, and check back soon for fun tidbits about the may day magpie. Yay! Click on the photo to see what the magpie is "collecting."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The most recent workshop was a blast! After a rocky start (my alarm clock didn't go off, and Kerry and Heather were on the wrong side of the building), we jumped into action.

This class marked the inaguration of Kelsey #4--so now each student has their own press. Even so, they worked for the better part of the day on their prints--and they turned out beautifully.

Check out more photos here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Working Hard...

...and playing little. Not the usual way I like to run my life, but there you have it.

It was a long work weekend: seven new journals (including a new line) and the beginning of a wedding invite. Phew! And tonight, the mad rush to put all the new stuff on etsy. Here's a group shot:

Four new BINGO Books, and the new line that I've christened the "Pretty Peep" line--longstitch journals with Lokta covers, and a peep of the pretty paper inside!

Also, I decided to clean up my camera, and found lots of letterpress workshop pictures yet to be blogged about. So here they are--the January workshop crew:

Take a look at the photo album for some "action" shots!