Sunday, August 31, 2008

gocco fun!

Eva at my kitchen table, inking the first screen
Eva came by my house this morning to get a jump on her posters. As part of being a Fort Can artist-in-residence, Brian and I help with advertising your "show": Brian can consult about the art, and I handle the text--letterpress, of course. This month, B has his hands full with trying to repaint the walls, so I volunteered to show Eva how to use the Gocco.

I haven't used my machine in over a year (or more!), but the bulbs and screens were just fine, and Eva had a blast!
Two colors and sixty prints they just need text!

chapbook -- day 2

Day 2 was not as productive as day 1. I only finished text page (I was shooting for two), because my knee was acting up. And Eva came by for a meeting about posters...she'll be the artist taking over the gallery for September.

Friday, August 29, 2008

chapbook -- day 1

click on the picture for a larger version!
It's been awhile since I mentioned this project, but it's taken awhile to get off the ground. I have the great privilege of printing a poetry chapbook for Well Lit Press. The publisher contacted me eight months ago, and it's been a long (but very illuminating) process. I'm very glad to finally be working on it!

The only downside is...just to the left in the photo. Yup, crutches. I did a little something funny to my knee last week, and have been limping very, very slowly since. Today I got the results of the MRI: sprained ACL, torn tendons, and lots of swelling and bruising. The forecast: maybe knee surgery, maybe not. I'll know more on Tuesday, when the orthopedic surgeon will be back from the long weekend.

Chapbook countdown: despite the injury, I've finished three of the eleven runs for the text. Lucy is cooperating very nicely; I'll keep you posted as to the rest!

P.S. Buy your copy now!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

week(end) in review

Totally last minute invitations for the Letterpress Guild's annual party. Do you know how challenging it is to send letterpressed invitations to a group of professional (and particular) letterpress printers?Also, business cards for two *new* local professionals, Danielle and Kelsey.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

a bit of a surprise

Look what startled me out of my business card reverie:
It was only the engine car, but when a train rumbles by, less than ten feet from where you're printing very small pieces of paper, you take notice.

Also note the amazing clouds + sky: after two weeks of almost non-stop rain, it's still hard to be indoors!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

making do

Some days it's a real challenge to get myself to the studio at all. Today I don't have any scheduled print jobs--as I'm waiting for proofs to be returned--so...I guess I'll be printing business cards for me. (Note the serious lack of enthusiasm.)

It was in that sort of frame of mind that I started making these (all those months ago):

and now they're finally up for sale in my etsy shop. It only took me 15 months.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

you're invited

Fort Can Galley & Studios
requests your attendance at

Brian Zeigler and Tara Jensen
An installation completed by Zeigler and Jensen during a twenty-four hour drawing marathon. Explores time, endurance and the meaning of life. Featuring a Q&A with the artists and DJ John Brinker.
Saturday, August 9th 6-10 PM
190 River Street, Montpelier

for more information: the fort can blog

Friday, August 01, 2008

advertising ideas

I work with paper. A lot of paper. And no matter how hard I try, there's always just a bit left over.

I was in the studio all day on Wednesday, and though I desperately need to print thank you notes and business cards for me, that wasn't challenging enough. I've been trying to come up with a flyer/brochure/something for MDS, but it all seems so...corporate. And corporate is one thing I'm not.

So a full day let me put this together:
*bits of paper leftover from journal-making (text weight, and slightly bigger than a bookmark)
*the new type and dingbats that came with Lucy G., and some of it is too cool for words
*pretty orange ink inspired by this post from Albertine PressToday's mission: hang up these little handbills in pretty little rows on the bulletin boards around town!