Friday, August 29, 2008

chapbook -- day 1

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It's been awhile since I mentioned this project, but it's taken awhile to get off the ground. I have the great privilege of printing a poetry chapbook for Well Lit Press. The publisher contacted me eight months ago, and it's been a long (but very illuminating) process. I'm very glad to finally be working on it!

The only downside is...just to the left in the photo. Yup, crutches. I did a little something funny to my knee last week, and have been limping very, very slowly since. Today I got the results of the MRI: sprained ACL, torn tendons, and lots of swelling and bruising. The forecast: maybe knee surgery, maybe not. I'll know more on Tuesday, when the orthopedic surgeon will be back from the long weekend.

Chapbook countdown: despite the injury, I've finished three of the eleven runs for the text. Lucy is cooperating very nicely; I'll keep you posted as to the rest!

P.S. Buy your copy now!

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kathryn said...

oh no! i hope your leg heals quickly. i hurt my ACL skiing a few years ago, and had surgery on it, which really helped.