Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on the bench: busy is as busy does

I finally got to take a day off on Sunday (it'd been at least seven weeks!), but as of Monday morning, I had to be full steam ahead on the last of this year's projects.
Starting with the final 150 (of 500!) books of poetry--holes hand-punched, then sewn to the endsheets, and then cased in.  I'm just about done with the hole punching bit.   

Merry merry holidays to all--see you next Monday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

finished fridays: off to new york!

Meet me in New York tomorrow, and I'll have a little something for you! 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

on the bench: pretty packaging (and lovely words!)

Thirty-one hours. Really. That's how much time I've spent (since 8:30 Monday morning) on the press and at the guillotine to print this lovely pile:
400, 4-color cards, plus 100 envelopes and 300 belly bands.  Designed by the awesome duo of Mark and Lisa at Interrobang Design, and printed right here!
Also, many thanks to Rachael at Pistachio Press for pointing me in the direction of this:

And thanks to Apartment Therapy for featuring my calendar!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

press mondays: silver, silver, silver

It was a dark & snowy night, and I printed as fast as could.
300 belly bands and 600+ cards later, I looked up at the clock: 10:15!  Not the latest I've been at the studio (by a long shot), but the ink had been on the press for six hours.  And silver, being oil-based, loves to stick to rollers and not come off!

After a quick and thorough scrub, I peeked at the piles of prints.
Only three more colors to go!

Friday, December 03, 2010

finished fridays: off to boston!

Today I was so busy I didn't even get to take pictures!  But two (big!) boxes went out the door, lots + lots more paper was cut, and the car was loaded up for a big weekend!  Join me tomorrow at...
Paper & Chocolate!  Chez Albertine Press, with special guests both papery + chocolatey.

And then on Sunday, come on down to...
Bazaar Bizarre!  It'll be my first year at the BBB, so stop by to say hi and check out the new stuff!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

on the bench: making a mess

One of the (good? bad?) things about being awesomely busy is that there's never a chance to clean.  The recycling piles up, and stacks just keep getting shifted around until I find the project I need to work on.
Today I had four projects sharing space on the bench, along with bits of paper, the laptop, three or four rulers--and that's just the beginning.
But the exciting bit is what I actually finished.  Ten new check-holder-books for Kismet, one of my favorite restaurants in Montpelier.  Probably in the world, actually. 
Hand-marbled covers, and lokta endpapers, with coordinating marbled straps for holding your end-of-brunch bill.  Yum.