Monday, May 21, 2007

stacks and rows and craft shows

While I've been *mostly* avoiding the studio for the last few weeks, my friend Jen mentioned this secret treasure of a memorial-day-weekend craft show that she shows at every year--and (of course) I couldn't say no. So what to do about inventory? I dropped off a handful of BINGO Books and letterpress cards at Studio STK a few weeks ago (thanks Amanda and Sage!), but I still have a good amount of each of those for this weekend's show.

Yesterday was chilly and rainy, so I took down the vintage books from the shelf, and decided to spruce 'em up.
If you're in Western Massachusetts this weekend(sat-sun-mon), check out May Day Studio & lots of other cool crafters at the super secret show: take Route 9 east from Northampton (towards Williamsburg) and keep an eye out for the teapot-shaped sandwich boards. You can't miss 'em.


Ezra said...

Why is it secret? I thought the idea of a show was ... to show stuff...

may day studio said...

Well, of course you *show* stuff. It's more like it's one of those "local treasures of the pioneer valley" kind of things.