Friday, June 01, 2007

hot hot hot

Hot days call for extreme measures. Since I'm not quite ready for hot days yet, my extreme measures involve laying flat on my back in the middle of my studio, in front of the open door, watching the crabapple tree and hoping for a breeze.

And sometimes updating my blog.

So, two quick things for today: a new "section" on blog--Upcoming Events--about the cool letterpress & bookbinding stuff you'll find me doing over the next month. Please note that I *still* have open spots for next weekend's "Experience the Letterpress Thing" workshop, so if you've always wanted's the time. Not convinced yet? Check out the photos from past workshops and you will be!
And if you are a new letterpresser, and want some new type to work with, check out the "Starter Sets" on the M&H Type website, along with cool videos and tours of their casting & bindery facilities.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly - call me please! 279-3726

Trying to rock labels for tomorrow. (or today?!>...)


p.s. sick blog yo!