Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The most recent workshop was a blast! After a rocky start (my alarm clock didn't go off, and Kerry and Heather were on the wrong side of the building), we jumped into action.

This class marked the inaguration of Kelsey #4--so now each student has their own press. Even so, they worked for the better part of the day on their prints--and they turned out beautifully.

Check out more photos here.


Hannah Lane said...

I had such a blast! I learned and laughed a lot and I am now hooked on letterpress. Kelly you were great and Heather and I plan to return for another lesson!!!

Hannah Lane said...

and I just checked out the other pictures and they are great! Thanks again!

AmandaMay said...

Do you do regular workshops with the letterpress? I would love to learn how they work!

AmandaMay said...

Hi, Amanda from Studio STK again. I can't find an email on your site, probably I'm looking right past it, but this works too! As you are probably figuring out, I really like your work. We have a small gift shop at Studio STK and I am wondering if you might be interested in having a few items for sale here. We work on a commission basis, 50%. Let me know if you are interested!