Wednesday, December 05, 2007

weekend wrap-up: saturday

Saturday was the Queen City Craft Bazaar in Burlington...and the first of three (yes, three!) craft shows I participated in last weekend. It was a very blustery day out, which may have prevented the foot traffic from getting all the way down to us at the waterfront. The booths all looked fabulous, though. Here's a shot down my aisle on the ground floor. (Check out the new table sign. What do you think?)

Below are some new displays--for Bingo Books and for the complete holiday card line.

The best part of any show has to be meeting people. And, of course, scoring cool stuff in trade. Saturday was no exception. I met Victoria, whose husband makes lovely pottery here in Montpelier (if you need a sake set, check his out!), and Sarah, whose recycled and vintage-inspired home linens are right up my alley! (As a sidenote, Sarah's husband Richard is a world-renowned papermaker. He stopped by to check out my wares, and we had a lovely talk about handmade, local, and letterpress. I'm hoping to take a visit to his studio--Langdell Paper--this weekend as part of the open studios in Topsham.)

Mandy makes yummy yummy bath treats in the next town over, and will be carrying a selection of my gift cards in her online shop. Next to me was Loretta, who was showing her collection of drool-worthy and oh-so-functional pottery. Those are my new tumblers below!

Thanks to Sara and Kacey for organizing the bazaar!


grantatee said...

kelly- your set up is fabulous! i love the lay out and the may day studio table cover.


ps. you a buzzy little bee.

Adriane said...

Oh, I *love* Montpellier... I used to live a ways north of the border, on the south shore of Montreal, and would often poke into the states (well, prior to my moving, almost 15 years ago, to California, that is).

Say... I've become smitten with the thought of letterpressing... I'm an artist, bookmaker, love printmaking (though I haven't done it in a loooong time, unless you count the Gocco, and hand pulled lino), but was seriously considering somehow, someway, setting up a letterpress studio... maybe in the garage? Is this something that I could do? How much on an investment would it be, and how difficult is it to find the presses, tools and materials needed to set up? Ahhhh... so many pesky questions... :) Happy New Year!