Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ready, set, go: totally off topic

Not that I have a topic, per se, but I generally try to stick to work stuff. But lately I've been doing too much "work" {here's the short list: printing wedding invitations, co-managing a venue for the Green Mountain Film Festival, making amazing lattes, waiting on your table, making bingo journals, teaching workshops here and there, driving to and from here and there, putting bids on more print jobs, losing my mind in the projection booth at the savoy, designing business cards and cd cases for him, designing baby shower invites for her, and definitely not doing my laundry} and not enough fun stuff.

Fun times chez moi:

all refrigerator photos c/o noonebelongsheremorethanyou.com
Reading No one belongs here more than you. {Two words: brilliant and devastating. If you don't know about Miranda July, where the heck have you been? Go here now!}

Listening to my favorite song three times in two days. It's that good, really. And I just found the r.e.m. + David Letterman video on youtube, and it's here for your viewing pleasure. Also, r.e.m.'s new single is totally stuck in my head: supernatural superserious is my theme song for the week. And it can be stuck in yours, too.

{As a side note, I've been crushing out on r.e.m. and michael stipe for eighteen years now. That's longer than I've known almost anyone else in my entire life. And it makes me feel really, really old, instead of just thirty-ish.}


Noelle Doodle said...

If you haven't already you should check out athens inside out. Really old REM footage as well as other great bands from the Athens scene.

grantatee said...

i enjoyed the update.

i went to an ani difranco concert last night, i was thinking of you as i smiled and sang along. remember that time in the sweeny house kitchen when we replayed that live version of an ani song where the woman says 'kell--eeeeeeee.'

CurlyQ said...

oh oh... great posting of that old REM/Letterman show! amazing how young they were and sounded so much the same (great) even then...

thanks for posting it.