Thursday, June 26, 2008

baby steps

Getting moved in to the new studio is taking longer than I'd in the meantime, I'm...
printing quirky wedding invitations (they're getting married on the groom's dairy farm...)
staring at the space that's almost-mine
and watching the wildflowers that grow in the old railroad tracks just outside the new space.
Happy Thursday!

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Laurie Coyle said...

Kelly I'm so sorry I missed you up in VT -- I was only in Burlington for one night, and we drove up rte. 22 in NY, so I didn't even make it thru Montpelier. Will probably come again, soon, though and I will look you up! Your new studio looks great -- so exciting! And that workshop in Somerville is very intriguing. I have good friends who live in Somerville, so that might just work out perfectly. Will let you know!