Tuesday, January 26, 2010

so much, so fast: story in pictures

Being a printer (and my own boss) has its ups and downs: I sometimes go two weeks without a day off, but I get to make pretty, pretty things that will make people gloriously happy.  Or in this case, make a birthday surprise that much more surprising.  
That's Saul, my apprentice for the month, working on the big beast.

 Going into the press for the third time!

Getting the second pass through the gocco!

Registering for the second color!


Just waiting for assembly!
Those are CD sleeves for my dear friend and local rock star Sara Grace.  It was her birthday a last week, and her partner (as a surprise) had the singles from Sara's album-in-process professionally pressed, and designs finalized by Bridget at Brand New Key, and finally printed letterpress and gocco at May Day Studio.  Sara also got a three-week, all-expenses paid trip to Amsterdam, with three shows booked in advance.   All this came together in less than ten days...and we're all thrilled (and exhausted)!


Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

may day studio said...

thanks so much. right now, twitter just isn't for me! but if i change my mind, i'll be sure to post about it.