Saturday, May 07, 2011

finished fridays: moments of stillness

The time: 6 pm, Friday night
The place: the studio

Last night, as I surveyed the madness that is my studio, I thought about all the other tiny little shops out there, trying to finish up whatever for the Stationery Show, plus, you know, real work.  From my corner, it's hard to find the moments of stillness, where there's nothing to check off the to-do list, no emails to answer, no telephone ringing, and no ink on the press!
So I turned off the stereo and took just a few minutes to BE--and to find something interesting (and not stressful to think about!).
When the studio is clean, it's so easy to see what might be.
And piles of paper are both overwhelming and inspiring.
Empty frames are just beginnings.
And patterns are everywhere!

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