Wednesday, June 15, 2011

two ways of looking at a wednesday

(one) It was a beautiful day out.  I propped open the studio door to let in the sunlight and heat (and the cottonwood fluff tagged along).  I got to ride the my brand-new-to-me bike today, as the trusty Jetta has needed to retire for too long now. 
(making a home on my apartment porch last night!)

(two) Forty minutes of biking plus the heat has left me wiped.  And then three flights of stairs, after the biking and three hours on the treadle press--my quads are singing their complaints.  Fluffy Sasha insists on standing over me and the laptop, and probably will for the next hour or so until my emails are done.  It's still light out, and I would love to be doing anything other than working.  Oh, and dinner.  Goodness, it's almost nine pm...what in the world to have for dinner? 

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