Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hello fall!

Well hello there, strangers! This long, dramatic pause in posting has been due to this little bundle:
who arrived in April after a challenging nine months! Beatrice has been (as you can imagine) a wonder and delight--and also a great distraction from getting any work done! Now that she's five months old, I'm attempting to work longer days, but as my instagram feed will attest, sometimes naps do not go my way and Bea and I are forced to ditch the studio for walks in the sunshine.
But let's talk about today--Hello fall! To celebrate this gorgeous fall day, I'm having a sale in my shop! Free tote bag with any $25 order! Mention the code "fallshopping" in the notes to seller box at checkout!
P.S. These days, it can be a bit challenging to update the blog, but we're updating our instagram, facebook, and twitter feeds almost every day! 

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