Friday, July 20, 2007

ah, the glories of old metal

In finishing the last of that HUGE letterpress job--for Carbon Farmers of America--I realized that my press was acting a little funny. Not surprising for old metal, but since Minnie (my Pilot) is my baby, I'm worried. So I'm talking to John Barrett on the phone right now, and here is the trouble zone:The first image is at rest, the second is rocking the handle forward. Darn loose screws!!

Update! Thanks to my fantastic neighbors Rick & Ben, I was able to unscrew the "key" that was loose, clean out the gunk, and tighten it up. I'm not sure that it's a permanent solution, but the handle is much tighter now--only a little movement back and forth. I also cleaned out the "set screw" and tightened it while I had the tools. Looks like it's time to go the hardware store for my own set of hex wrenches!

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