Friday, September 21, 2007

new shops and nice words

The summer has been a slow selling season, I can tell you that. But when followed up by a busy fall, I have no cause for complaint.
First of all, Montpelier finally has an indie-handcraft boutique. Super-crafter Emily moved to town only a few months ago, and got to work while the rest of us just kept talking. The result: Swingin' Sphere! It's a pretty little space, and the photos on the site don't do it justice. While they're officially open now, the grand opening is September 29, and Emily says to "make sure to stop by for a cupcake and a free gift with every purchase from our lovely consignor Melissa of Honey Bee Herbals."

Second is a double-whammy: my first wholesale order, and my first international shop. You heard me right! Arthur's Circus is a new shop opening next week in Melbourne, Australia. Natalie saw my Bingo Books on etsy, and emailed me straight away about having a few for her vintage-inspired shop. Read what she has to say on the shop's blog, and be sure to look at what she got in the mail this week! Thank goodness I'm nowhere near Melbourne, otherwise I'd need these and these right now.

And now for some nice words:

May Day Studio got a little bit o'love over the summer on Apartment Therapy: Chicago's regular Scavenger feature. Click here for the full post.

After delivering new books to new shops in Burlington, I found these lovely and flattering blog posts from Sara at Made Boutique and Amanda at Studio STK. If ever you find yourself in Burlington, I highly recommend checking out both places!


Albertine Press said...

This is so exciting, Kelly! Here's to many many more blog mentions, fabulous shops, and busy falls!

Cecilia said...

Congrats on everything Kelly. Wish I could visit Arthur's Circus. What a great sounding shop, and how perfect that they're carrying your books!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Hi There!
I've just found you via Etsy, and I wanted to tell you that I am the one who makes the Nongs in Arthur's Circus! Thanks so much for your kind comments, and feel free to pop over to my blog and say hello!

I love love love your books - they look wonderful - anything to do with books or letterpressing just amazes me. Wow.

Leah xx