Wednesday, October 17, 2007

procrastination station

(view from my living room window)
So there you have it. I've been stuck at procrastination station for a few weeks now. It could be the weather, as it's been gray and yucky here in Vermont--welcome to fall!

Or that it's just starting to dawn on me: the enormity of the preparations that I need to be making for the holiday season. I've been accepted as a vendor at the Queen City Craft Bazaar's holiday event (December 1) and Shelley at Albertine Press is having another Paper & Chocolate event on December 2, and has invited Angela at Carta, Inc., and me to participate in a little trunk show. It's going to be a busy weekend! Not to mention that I have workshops to teach between now and then, holiday cards to design for myself and few friends, and lots and lots of books to make!

Back here at procrastination station, I've been, well, procrastinating. And finally getting around to:
(a) making pretty things to hang on the wall (from purl soho's the purl bee, via little ida)(b) posting pictures of my most recent workshops, and two amazing groups of new letterpress junkies (click here to see the September class, and here for the October class)and (c) finding new blogs to get hooked on. Read the new letterpress blog of Chrysanthemum Press (by my student Sarah) and the blog by veteran bookbinders Rag and Bone. And don't forget to get yourself some patches! I saw these on the Green Chair Press blog, and was delighted to find that Ms. Jennie Hinchcliff (a super cool, creative chiquita, who I met at the San Francisco Center for the Book) has launched a project called PodPost--and is making grown-up Merit Badges for the Girl/Boy Scout in all of us. As a 12-year scout, and former GS leader, it's about time to update the sash. And now you know what to get me for Christmas!


Courtney said...

Once a Girl Scout!

Along similar lines I have a copy of this book:

A little overcute in places, but such a great idea. I do miss getting patches for small accomplishments.

Albertine Press said...

Omigoodnes! I just went and ordered three (THREE!) sets of patches! I have some amazing interns I want to give them to (who hopefully don't read your blog), and it's never too early for holiday shopping, right?

Thanks for the link.

And hip hip hooray for P&C!

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog poking around for letterpress things. Great work -- I love the Bingo journals! I do letterpress also but mostly printing of linocuts + not too much handset type (yet). I am a Smithie too, class of 96. Cheers!

Jennie Pod said...

It's so good to hear from/about you, and to read about MayDay Press. Thanks for the Pod Post mention; my best friend Carolee and I started the project about two years ago and things have been action-packed ever since! If you send your mailing addy to the Pod Post email box, I'll send some goodies in the mail to you...
Seeing you in the mails --
Jennie Pod