Monday, July 14, 2008

mondays + back in business

It's been a long few weeks, moving my not-so-little print shop out of the second floor apartment, across town, and into the new studio. This past weekend was the culmination--bringing up the Vandercook (+ more!) from Chicopee to Montpelier. Here are a few in-progress photos:
room without paint!
painted, but still moving in, last thursday

John B. with the full moving truck, early Saturday morning
Vandy on the lift gate...only two feet from the door!

And here is everything in place (mostly!):

new paper cutter, 8x12 C&P, and type cabinets along the far wall
my new little Vandy!

It's staggering, the amount of *stuff* I added to my printshop in one weekend. Doubled? Tripled? I have to say, running my own business is starting to feel *real*!


grantatee said...

kelly-- i am soooo amazed at these photographs. look at what you are creating, it's so gorgeous and beautiful!!

lots of love,

Albertine Press said...

it's huge!!! congratulations! can't wait to collaborate up at *your* shop next time!


may day studio said...

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate your support--and enthusiasm! Some days it's hard to chug away at the press all alone...but coming home to nice comments is the best!


Maggie said...

Again, I'm late to then party, but congratulations on the amazing studio space...I'm officially jealous!