Thursday, July 17, 2008

tools of the trade + the best sound

Some folks have a favorite pair of jeans. I have a favorite composing stick (8", sets 40+ picas), line gauge, and bone folder. But the tools that made my afternoon are pictured above: 3-in-1 oil, the big maglite, tiny bottle brush, lint-free rags, simple green, wd-40, and more 3-in-1 oil. After much advice from the awesome minds on vanderblog and a quick email from Perry Tymeson, I spent the better part of this afternoon and evening oiling the heck out of my Vandercook. And it works! Oh, thank you thank you thank you!

And now, for the best sound ever:


Albertine Press said...

hooray! does she have a name yet?

may day studio said...

no name yet...i'm going to wait until she settles in a bit more.

it's totally made my day!

12fifteen said...

she looks great and what a sweet sound.