Friday, October 24, 2008

chapbook -- the last day!

Sometimes you think a project will be fantastic. And then it is, but takes two months longer than you'd scheduled for. Last Tuesday, the signed pages finally arrived on my doorstep (after this fiasco, I was despairing of them ever arriving!). I had all the rest of the chapbook assembled--I just needed to sew it all together, basically.

Four hours later, voila!
One hundred poetry chapbooks, printed and bound by me! (Buy yours here!)

And only seven weeks late.

That Wednesday, I took a short break from the chapbook to greet two very special guests: Dave and Beth from Hot Metal Services, who very kindly drove all the way from Tennessee to fix big metal machines in the Northeast. They had a day off, so after they were done with Shelley's Vandercook, they took the drive up to Montpelier to attend to Lucy.

The diagnosis: dirty, but in great condition. Beth took out the tiniest screwdriver ever, and dug out all the gunk in the gear teeth. Dave measured the rollers (exactly 2-1/2", thank goodness!), adjusted the ink drum belt, and answered all of my questions about funny noises and dust. Lucy is now 100% shiny metal from top to bottom--and in perfect health!

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