Friday, October 24, 2008

choosing the right paper

...just a quick note to say hi, and remind you about the seminar I'm offering tomorrow at Letterpress Things: Choosing the Right Paper. I have samples from several different papermakers and paper mills, lots of swatchbooks, and a pretty concise guide to the best (and friendliest!) paper peeps in the US.
There'll be a sign-up sheet at the front counter--just choose the session you want (9:30-11, 11:30-1, and 1:30-3) and meet me there! Cost is only $10, which covers the paper samples. Bring your questions!

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Ezra Ball said...

Kelly-- I have been a little out of it, and I didn't catch that you were doing this until today. I wouldn't mind getting some leads on different papers; I'm getting a little bored with lettra and fabriano and paper source. If I send you $10 would you send me some samples?