Monday, November 03, 2008

my two cents

Life is busier than ever here, but I want to take a few seconds to remind you to vote tomorrow.
Those of you who know me, know that I'm snarky, bitter, and decidedly not patriotic. I regularly refuse to join in political discussions. You couldn't catch me with an "I Voted!" sticker. But I registered to vote when I was eighteen, and have voted in every election since. Even junior year abroad--I lived in Paris--I voted by absentee ballot.

Elections are not just about the president. I know, that's a big one this time around, but in Vermont, we're also voting for governor, state reps, attorney general, and too many more to list. Sure, the prez gets all the glory (and the shame), but the local guys are the ones responsible for snow plowing, road repairs, property taxes, and funding for our public schools.

I'm not crazy about either one of the major candidates--and there are those of you who will be quite upset when I say that. But I will be standing in line at City Hall to cast my vote tomorrow. Will you?

Letterpress posters by the ever-impressive Amos P. Kennedy Jr. (top) and the awe-inspiring Yee-Haw Industries (bottom).

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