Sunday, November 09, 2008


I hope you all know about PostSecret.

Today Frank posted the following on the blog:


MySpace Censorship

Last Monday, the PostSecret Blog on MySpace was the most visited Blog on MySpace. The next day MySpace administrators removed postcards and comments from the Blog and prevented more than 100,000 people from viewing it.

Many people have emailed me concerned about what happened. I am posting a response here because I am unsure if an explanation on the MySpace Blog will go uncensored.

As I write this, the MySpace Blog is unblocked but the latest postcards and comments have been removed completely. MySpace has set my Blog so that only friends can see it. If you friend me now I will add you.

I will try and post more secrets on the MySpace Blog next week (November 15th) and see what happens. I hope you will email your friends about this and encourage MySpace to repost our secrets.

There is a censorship discussion about this now in the PSC.

PostSecret Media Contact: Dan Adams
If you have a myspace account, please add PostSecret as a friend.

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