Friday, November 14, 2008

trying something new, really, I just look for ways to make more work for myself. And make things prettier.

I've been loving headbands lately. Not the head kind--the book kind. Talas sells pretty one like these:Woven silk, in lovely color combos--just to decorate the tops of your book.

I decided to try it myself, to make my Rebounds look more finished. Here are the steps:
Sew your book as usual, and attach the super. Don't glue above the kettle stitch.
Cut a piece of ribbon slightly wider than your spine, and glue half of it just above the kettle.
Then put a bit of glue on top of the ribbon, to attach the super.
Fold the ribbon over the super, and make sure the loose ends (where you cut) are sealed with a bit of PVA.
Admire your handiwork!

While not totally necessary, I like the way they bring a shock of color to the textblock. Maybe soon I'll splurge on real headband, but I've got a lot of ribbon to get through first!

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