Friday, September 10, 2010

finished fridays: september 10

I'm not feeling super accomplished this week (I spent a lot of time on the computer, which doesn't feel like "work" to me), but taking photos and updating the blog does make it seem like things happened.
I cut down piles of paper for notepads--these are trimmed and waiting to be glued.

Yim actually printed these for me--it was her first real crash course on the Vandercook--three colors in under three hours.  She was very patient while I mixed a slightly darker yellow ink, fiddled with the underlays and slipsheets, and reminded her over and over again that precision and perfect prints are way more important than printing quickly.

These postcards were my "fun" time for the week.  They're my submission to the latest Ladies of Letterpress swap, a collection of "Hello from...." postcards.


Anonymous said...

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the workings at the May Day Studio. As noted above, high quality and precision is a constant theme as evidenced by the beautiful work being produced. Product from a master printer is always something to be admired. Thanks again!

Maggie said...

Just wanted to say I identify with computer time not feeling like real work - there's never a stack of something to show for for your work when you're done!