Monday, September 20, 2010

on the press: this weekend

So, I didn't actually print anything today.  But this weekend was chock-full, so here you go!
Saturday brought seven enthusiastic ladies into my printshop for a bridal shower weekend extravaganza. 
It's a lot of fun to see things start to click--Meredith was all set to do a second color with stars, and on the very short walk to the press, turned to me and said, "What if I use a star here?" And it was perfect; the teeny tiny star is just the right little touch.
And trying out blind impression....
Mixing up wood type (and loving the "salty" effect of printing it on the Pilot) and using silly little cuts for casual notes.
Playing with border pieces!
And Lydia used the unicorn!  I've been trying to find a good reason to print to for almost two years.
Two ink colors!  And excellent use of my skull & crossbones.
And finally, a little "woot woot" and they were on their way.  Thanks to Kate, Kelsey, Maggie, Lydia, Maggie, Meredith, and Becky (who made the cutest cards that I didn't get a photo of!) for an inspiring day!

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