Monday, February 28, 2011

mixed-tape mondays: late nights

Usually I try to be cheerful on the blog (lots of exclamation points! exciting things happening!)...and lots of good things did happen today.  But now it's just after 11 pm, and after twelve hours at the studio, I'm beat.
Around 8pm I was totally in the groove, listening to one of my favorite audiobooks, and sewing up the last few albums for a big order heading out to Greenwich Letterpress.
They look pretty awesome all lined up like that, and when I think of how many hours went in to each step of each one, I do smile (just a little).  And then, with a big yawn, I say goodnight!

1 comment:

Maudie said...

They look fantastic - what neat sewing! Very impressive for such a late night - I'm pretty sure my sewing would NOT look that good at 11.00pm!!