Wednesday, March 02, 2011

workbench wednesday: miles of piles

Well, not really miles--just thirty inches--but it sure looks like it from this angle.  I spent a good hour or two cutting down bookboard for the 39 address books I'll be putting together over the next day or two.  Step one was to make the big sheets of board (30" x 41") a little more manageable by cutting them into strips.  Tomorrow is the last trim, and then glue-glue-glue!


Ellen said...

Hi! Thanks for a great blog. Do you use a brush or a roller for your gluing? Any special tools?

may day studio said...

Hi Ellen,

I use a really, really nice glue brush. I haven't tried a roller (or brayer), but I imagine the PVA would dry too quickly.

What do you use?


Ellen said...

Hi Kelly - A friend just told me about Anza brushes. I have just ordered two to try. Sage Reynolds has an interesting youtube video on gluing
and he likes a small roller. I'll be investigating both!
My cheap glue brush is not doing a great job!