Friday, July 22, 2011

friday: oh, what a week

Yes, it's been a doozy.  It feels like this heat wave has been going on for weeks and weeks.  Years even.  The studio is thankfully cool, but just getting there is a chore in this heat...and then I'm not in much of a mood to work.

But today I really had to get things done:
Paper folding and scoring...
turns a (single-sheet) folio into a signature of its own.
Carving out an inset for a cover label
Lining up the pieces, in preparation for gluing
Sneaking a peek at my cover, making sure I've left enough room at the spine for my signatures.  I'm sewing up the book tomorrow, and will try to get some good pics to post--this should be a really interesting project!

Also this week--updating my sadly faded sandwich board with a fresh coat of paint, and prepping the stencil for painting next week!

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