Monday, July 11, 2011

on the press: start to finish

The thing about custom work is that you never really get leisure time--there's always a deadline, and by the time you get the plates and paper and envelopes back, I've got 24 hours until the client expects to pick up their job.  Yikes.  So the above is my work table at about 2pm, less than two hours after my UPS guy Randy dropped off the package from Boxcar.  That's paper diagrams, figuring the best yield, and piles of paper cut to press sheet size.
Then on over to the ink table, to mix a particularly picky pale green ink.  Usually I'm right on, but today--three tries to get to 7490.  That's three of this:
And this:
And this:
And three press inkings, and press cleanings.  And ten wasted sheets proofing colors.  And so finally, at 7:45:
Oh, and a run of black ink for the second color, too!

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Maudie said...

That does sound and look like a lot of hard work - but I am sure at the end of it, they will look fantastic and you'll have one very happy customer!!