Wednesday, October 27, 2010

interlude: feverish

Hello folks.  It seems I've come down with a nasty viral something-or-other, and am going to be sleeping away much of this week.  So, to keep you entertained:

I'm loving Emily's posts over at Sophie & Eleanor.  I met Emily earlier this year, when she came to take one of my workshops in Montpelier.  She writes a very, very pretty blog, and I'm so excited to see the changes as she leaves the corporate world to follow her dreams.

Fellow Montpelierite and bookbinder Elissa at Blue Roof Designs recently tackled the wild world of bookbinding in Japanese.  Read parts one, two, and three here.  It's a lot about miniature books, which is one avenue I've never traveled.  Perhaps soon...

If you're not a fan of Linzie Hunter, you should be.  Take a peek inside her studio, and then read the rest of her blog for handlettered and quirky character goodness.

For more inspiration, check out Sarah Ahearn's new book, Painted Pages.  And then get creating!

I'll hopefully be back healthy and with regular posts next week--there's a lot of work waiting for me!

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Emily said...

Thank you! I love seeing what you're up to and only wish Montpelier was closer! Can't wait to take another class after the holiday season cools down.