Monday, October 18, 2010

press mondays: thinking ahead, sort of

The big delivery was yesterday! John Barrett (of Letterpress Things) graciously offered to bring up my new stuff--they certainly wouldn't have fit into my car!
It was touch and go for awhile, as there's a slope down to the front door...and balancing heavy equipment, on a pallet jack, heading downhill?  Yikes. 
And then we had trouble getting the bed back in the guillotine...thankfully John's hydraulic cart was very useful in balancing one end, while the two of us wiggled the other.
And at the end of the day...ta-da!  A very, very big paper guillotine--with a 30" blade, so I can cut parent sheets--which is just exactly as tall as I am, and my very own board shear.  It makes me smile just to look at it!
And here's where the thinking ahead bit comes in--I've been brainstorming my seriously neglected holiday card line, and will be printing samples of ten (10!) card designs this week.  Really, I should have been doing this months ago, so I could try to get them into stores, but that just means that you'll have to get them from me in person (or online, if that's your fancy)!
This is a design from last year, reprinted today in a lovely french blue that I can't get enough of....

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Albertine Press said...

Yay! Welcome home new machines!!!

And cards - just in time for holiday fairs - the the open house I swear we're having on the 4th of December.