Monday, August 01, 2011

on the press: at the last minute

or very nearly! I'm leaving for the Ladies of Letterpress conference in just two days, and today was packing up a few supplies for the demo I'm giving, and oh! Guess who has almost no business cards!
So I quickly cut 300 cards down, and inked up the press.
First color down, one to go!
Usually I print my cards in just one color, but I've been loving blue lately, and so put that on the press for my logo.
I didn't get a better shot of the finished cards--so you'll just have to come to Asheville and get one for yourself!


Maudie said...

They look great! Do you do them one-by-one or on a big sheet that you then cut down? I've just had a stamp made for mine, but that is definitely a one-by-one basis!!

may day studio said...

Hey Maudie,

Thanks! For my own cards, I print them one at a time--they're handset type and a vintage block, so it's not really possible to do more than that!

I've been thinking about getting a plate made for them (so I could do six at a time), but I love saying that they're from type!


Anne said...

I got to see your business cards (and take one!) in person. Your demo on the tabletop press was fantastic and I walked away with a lot of knowledge and inspiration! Thank you!

may day studio said...

Thanks, Anne! So glad you enjoyed it!