Thursday, August 11, 2011

recap: to asheville and back (and a little bit of pretty)

The conference was awesome! Exhausting, but awesome.
Here's a little bit of me, setting up for my demo...getting all the tools lined up for show (and a little use).
And look at that crowd! There were sooooo many folks there, asking lots of good questions...I'm sorry if I didn't get to talk to you, but I'm sending out my biggest thanks to all of you for making my day!
And oh, the pretty things!  Asheville Bookworks was a lovely host, and they have so much cast iron I'd love to get my hands in.

And then home for a quick 48 hours, six of which was spent working on this:
A benefit print for my local bike co-op, Freeride Montpelier, to keep them open and keep newbie bicyclists like me on the road! They're hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, August 20--check it out (and buy a print!).

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Maudie said...

That looks amazing! A hard six hours by the look of it as well!!