Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today was sooooo not an ordinary Wednesday.
How often am I taking pictures of myself while printing? (The answer: soooo rarely.) But a lovely blogger wants to interview me, and I need some pics.  
Oh, and four hundred of these, while I'm at it.
And this was from this weekend, but is so lovely that I've been looking at it all week: the first harvest from my container-garden this year.  A small bowl full of spinach, and some tender basil that needed culling (I planted the whole seed packet, and so a few have to sacrificed so the rest can get sun). We ate them tossed with fresh local tomatoes, and olive-oily pasta.  Yum.


Maudie said...

Ooh! How exciting to see a photo of you up! and a snippet of the studio behind - its always nice to see peoples studios! - will you post the interview?

may day studio said...

Thanks, Maudie! And yes, I'll let everyone know when the interview is up!